Knowing the Secret Place of God

Samuel Padmore November 23, 2017

Upon reading Psalm 91, you’ll probably ask yourself, What is the secret place of God?

According to Psalm 91:1, “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (KJV). Upon reading the psalm, you probably have doubts where this so-called secret place of God is.

Just what is the “secret place of God?”

Before answering the question, read John 15:4. It is interesting how the passage parallels with Psalm 91:1. The former says, “Abide by me, and I in you.” Read Psalm 91:1 again. Take note that both passages make use of the word abide. Try to establish a connection between these two verses, and you’ll have the answer

The secret place is not a location on a map. Instead, this secret place actually refers to God himself. You can now cross out the “where is the secret place of God” question off your head now that you know the answer.

Because the secret place of God is God himself, you are encouraged to take refuge in Him. How do we get there? you ask. It’s impossible to go there physically as this refuge is not a physical shelter. Instead, it is a spiritual sanctuary. It is a place where your spirit remains very much alive, even after your death. Because you are under God’s protection, your spirit is incorruptible by any evil force trying to take over.

Anyone is welcome to the secret place of God, provided that their faith in God remains constant.

If you’ve noticed, most believers pray but never really get to the act of dwelling in the secret place of God. It is probably because they have not fully sought out the Lord’s presence in their lives. However, those who fully dedicate themselves to Him get to His secret place. Their open hearts and minds have allowed them to see God and what His unwavering love and mercy can do. They also know that God will not abandon them, even in the darkest of times. As a reward for their faith, God gives them all the protection He can give.

Have you been to the secret place of God? Share your thoughts below in the comment or reach out to me if you want grab a copy of my book, Invading the Kingdom of Darkness, which is available at LitFire Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Connect with Samuel on Facebook and Goodreads.


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