The Prayer Closet: A Sanctuary for the Weary Soul

Samuel Padmore November 9, 2017

The prayer closet provides a sanctuary to commune with Godprayer closet 1

Prayer is a powerful tool against temptations, negative emotions, and evil thoughts. Prayer is also a form of self-expression. Through prayer, you can communicate your love, your sadness, your joys, your worries, and your desires to God. He who hears your prayers will fortify you against the challenges that may come your way. He will give you peace and confidence in the most trying times. But with so many distractions these days, there are times when it’s difficult to concentrate, sit down, and say a heartfelt prayer. So what can you do? Make a prayer closet.

What Is a Prayer Closet?

A prayer closet, or a “war room,” is a safe space where you can commune with God without any distractions. It’s a place for reflection and prayer. The closet gives you the privacy to truly express your thoughts and emotions when you pray to God. It’s a room you reserve for communicating with God and meditating on your daily actions and thoughts to gain a better perspective on your life and the world.

Having your own prayer closet can enhance prayer life and your relationship with God. To build your own sanctuary of prayer, here’s a three-step guide to developing your secret closet of prayer:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space.

The space you choose must be away from anything that will disturb your prayer time. Avoid any crowded places and make sure that you have enough room to comfortably sit or kneel when you pray. For optimum concentration, your prayer closet must be as silent as possible, with enough space for yourself and what you need to help you pray.

prayer closet 2

  1. Equip your closet with the right tools to help you pray.

Create a peaceful atmosphere with soft lighting, scented candles, and cozy furniture or cushions. You can also furnish your closet with a Bible, a journal, or prayer books to help you enter the right mind-set to communicate with God.

  1. Keep your closet clean and distraction free.

Put away all electronic appliances in the room, except the ones for lighting and ventilation. Mobile phones and other handheld devices should also be banned in the prayer closet. The prayer closet is a place for deep reflection, so anything that can distract you should be kept away.

Prayer strengthens you and your connection with God. Having your own prayer closet will help you enrich your spiritual life, allow you peace for deep reflection, and give you a sacred space to commune with God.

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